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What is B-IMPACT

The B-IMPACT (Bronze-IMproved non-hazardous PAtina CoaTings) is M-ERA.NET project that aims at developing innovative eco-friendly and non-hazardous protective coatings to protect ancient bronzes and new bronze surfaces exposed to the outdoor environment.


Outdoor-exposed bronze is prone to degradation processes, especially in polluted environments. Corrosion induces patina destabilization and changes surface appearance, both on ancient and on newly exposed bronzes, both on ancient and on newly exposed bronzes. Their protection and maintenance is requiring on-going investments. The B-IMPACT project will develop tailored "right off the shelf" formulations based on advanced protection strategies, offering reduced maintenance costs as well as efficient conservation solutions for end-users, including local authorities and other stakeholders (architects, artists, museums, etc.).

For more information about the project , please check subpages of this website or contact project coordinator . You are invited to follow the progress of B-IMPACT project, our main achievements and events through news , deliverables and documents .


• to develop protective coatings for outdoor bronzes with high performance in terms of durability, while respecting the ethics of the cultural heritage,
• to investigate the toxicity of the more efficient coatings with the aim of selecting non-hazardous ones, and
• to produce a marketable pre-formulation of the most efficient coatings.

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